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Love: Now Available for Download

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes “your photo gallery is ready to view.”

Of all the blessings in our life, the greatest is the love of our friends and family. The moment you say “I do,” that walk down the aisle, the birth of a child: these are all moments of love that are so special, it’s no wonder that they’re the center of so many celebrations.

As we age, we get to witness many of these celebrations, and I’ve even had the honor of capturing them for others. There’s nothing like seeing a bride light up when she sees pictures from her special day for the first time. And I’ve seen enough excited sneak peak re-shares to know that parents LOVE to see portraits of their new baby.

No matter what the occasion, I would love to help you celebrate the love in your life by capturing those precious moments. There’s nothing like the excitement of opening your photo gallery for the first time and seeing those special moments preserved and immortalized in all their beauty: something you can treasure for years to come. May we all have several downloads in our futures. ❤️

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